March 3rd 2018

Today the snow forced me to finish editing my novel. I was supposed to be in Reading today, or I could’ve been playing golf, but the snow changed all of those plans, so instead I stayed inside and worked on my novel. I did venture outside at one point, but when I saw people literally skiing down the street, I figured I was better off staying at home.


I finished editing it. Well, I finished the first stage of editing it. I’ve been going through the painstaking process of going through a printed copy of it, page-by-page, and scribbling on it with a pen, correcting the typos and improving the sentences. I’ve then got to go through the Microsoft Word Document and action all of those changes.

You might say: “Wouldn’t it make more sense to have made all of the changes into the word document instead of having to go through the book manually first?”

My answer would, of course, be “Of course,” but I’m doing it my way because that’s the way I want to do it, okay? It feels more thorough, and official.

Tracked changes in MS Word are fine, and all, but there’s something authentic about scribbling in an actual margin.

Now that all my scribble are complete, all I have to do is turn the scribbles into actions, finish the final draft of the word document, figure out how to format it, and then, I dunno, profit?

It’s likely to be another snow day tomorrow, so I might even get that finished as soon as then. That’d be cool. It’s only taken six years to complete! It’s actually almost comical the regularity with which I write a blog post to say that I’ve almost finished this thing, but it seems that I am actually quite close now.

Until tomorrow, unless I decided I want to do another round of edits, that is.



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