March 7th 2018

Today I saw a glimmer of something that told me summer is almost here. And by that I mean that the sun came out. For a bit, at least. It was, dare I say, almost a nice day out. If you, you know, ignored all of the snow that’s still on the ground.

After a long, hard, uncharacteristically snowy winter, a fresh summer day came along and gave me something to which I can look forward. Also, to me there are only two seasons: Winter, and Summer. Spring is just warm-winter and Autumn is just cold-summer. I really struggle with winters. The days feel so short, but the DAYS feel so long — if that makes any sense at all.

As if to stereotypically prove our innate Britishness, we spent much of today at work talking about barbecues. And how, now that it’s March, and since Easter is in March this year, that it’s almost barbecue season again. I can’t wait. If you were reading this blog last summer you’ll know that I basically just had a barbecue every day throughout summer, and I need that life again.

Winter is hard, and I’m in a bit of a rut, so I need the sheer joy that barbecued meat (and halloumi) brings to my life. Seriously, I think I dedicated an entire week’s worth of blog posts to halloumi last summer. Seven in a row. Look how good life used to be:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 23.33.14

This winter has felt LONG, and the late snow hasn’t helped. I need to be able to drive home with the windows down instead of the heating on.

Until tomorrow, I need sun, and I need warmth, and I need happiness, and I need halloumi.


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