March 8th 2018

Today I started listening to the No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast. In my attempt to begin to disassociate myself from football, I made the decision to unsubscribe from four of the six football podcasts I listen to. I commute for two hours every day, so I need to fill that time with something, and it’s usually podcasts.

It’s gotten to the point, though, that I’m consuming too much football media. And all of the podcasts are ostensibly talking about the same things. So instead, I’m going to replace that time learning random facts from the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast.

No Such Thing As A Fish is an informational podcast from the researchers behind the TV show QI. Effectively it’s just an hour long set of random facts. I don’t know why I’ve never listened to it before. I’m a big fan of random facts.

My favourite fact from the first episode I listened to is this…

If you are a student in Glasgow with the surname ‘Graham’ you are eligible for something called the ‘Graham Trust Bursary Scheme’ which effectively means you get a free £500 for the simple reason of having the surname ‘Graham’.

Basically, there was some ye olde decree from the 18th century that declared that people with the surname ‘Graham’ tended to be poor. So to make sure they turned into ‘useful members of society’ a scheme was set up to award a free bursary, today worth £500, to descendants of ‘Graham’.


Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 23.22.41.png

Read more about it here.

Until tomorrow, over the next few weeks you can expect many more absolutely fascinating but completely useless facts.


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