March 9th 2018

Today I planned to go for a hard, high intensity run, but I got a dirty peri peri chicken burger and went to the pub instead. It’s not a decision that was particularly hard to make, to be honest.

Friday’s are for enjoyment, not punishment. I was going to 1km sprint intervals, but instead I drank cider and played pool. It was a hard sacrifice to make, but one that I was inevitably thankful for — particularly when it started raining.

The trip to the pub wasn’t all bad news, though. I also played a game of chess, so there was at least some productive intellectual use of my brain going on between sips of Thatcher’s.

I played five games of pool and won three of them. And I walked out victorious from my one chess game. So at least there was something positive I could take from choosing a trip to the pub over a sprint training session.

Thinking about it, the ‘dity’ double chicken burger and chips, and pint of cider are probably contributing to how tired I feel right now. It’s not been a particularly good health day, that’s for sure. Although I did (accidentally) have two days this week where I ate like a vegetarian. (Accidental because I didn’t set out to do it, it sort of just happened.)

To make myself feel better about it tomorrow, I have my sisters and cousins coming round for a beer, pizza and games night.

Until tomorrow, that’ll make me feel better.


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