March 14th 2018

Today I drank whisky for the first (?) time. I’ve always thought I’d love to be the kind of guy who sits in a skyscraper late at night drinking whisky (think Harvey Specter), but, after trying it for the first time tonight, I don’t think that that’s likely to happen. And not just because I’m unlikely to become a New York based lawyer any time soon.

Whisky is just… not my thing.

I’m in Germany for work and the people I’m with decided they wanted some whisky, so that meant that I had some whisky. I can kind of appreciate why it should be nice, and why people like it, but to me it just tasted like liquified flames.

It’s a Scotch Whisky named ‘Talisker Storm’. I don’t know if that will mean anything to you, but it doesn’t mean anything to me either. Although it probably should.IMG_3027.JPG

I asked if I could have mine with a cube of ice, but apparently that’s sacrilege. I mean, I know nothing about whisky but I swear I’ve heard people order a “scotch on the rocks” (with or without a twist) before. And that’s what that means, right?

But no, apparently I’m a philistine for wanting ice with it. I was, however, allowed a little dash of water to dilute it slightly. Apparently that makes it better. I asked “If it makes it better then why don’t they just dilute it before they put it in the bottle” and then Ross started going on about something to do with “the cask” or some shit — I stopped listening.

What whisky does have going for it, however, is that it’s strong. It’s definitely an effective way to get drunk, if not a cheap one.

After the whisky we thought it might be smart to get food, so we wandered over the Thai place over the road. Now those are tastes that I can appreciate.


The sauce of my Thai Duck Red Chicken Curry (not what it was called) also kind of tasted like liquified flames, but in a much different and much better way. The Thai food was exquisite.

Until tomorrow, I can still taste whisky.


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