March 14th 2018

Today I took a gamble on my dinner. After work we walked through the city of Karlsruhe trying to find somewhere to sit and have a beer, but, we were surprised to find out, that finding somewhere to have a beer at 5:30 on a Wednesday afternoon in Germany is harder than we originally expected.

In the end we walked for almost an hour trying to find somewhere that would serve beer. (that “almost an hour” is almost definitely an exaggeration)

We found somewhere in the end though, and sitting with a beer in a German beergarden (it was more like a patio) after just finishing work, I thought to myself “I could get used to this.” Especially when, half an hour later, we walked down the road and found a little Greek restaurant.

Something about being in Germany made me want to be more authentic with my order of Greek food — I don’t know why, so don’t ask — so I took a bit of a gamble.

For a starter I ordered ‘dolmades’, which are like fajitas but instead of chicken it’s pork and rice, and instead of being wrapped in a tortilla, the meat is wrapped in a stuffed vine leaf. Oh, and it’s kind of sitting in a warm brothy soup. So really, thinking about it, they’re nothing like fajitas at all.


They were weirdly nice though. Usually, no positive food review would contain the word ‘weirdly’, but on this occasion it’s suitable. I took a gamble on an unknown quantity, and it weirdly paid off.

For main I went a lot safer with my ordered and chose “huge plate of different meats and chips and rice”. The plate included souvlaki, gyros, zuzuki, and other Greek words for “different meats and chips and rice”


The main course shout was safer, but just as successful.

Until tomorrow, no, the side salad did not get touched.


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