March 16th 2018

Today I flew back home from Frankfurt. This time, unlike two weeks ago, I successfully made it to the airport on time for my 9:50 flight. Last time I showed up at the gate at 9:32: two minutes after the gate had closed, and I was refused entry.

I wasn’t too mad at the time, because rules are rules. But today, on the exact same flight through the exact same operator, they let a passenger through the gate at 9:45. That didn’t seem fair to me, but I decided I was too tired to argue my point. Plus, I didn’t really have a point. I was just happy to have actually made it onto the plane.

I fell asleep as soon as the plane was in the air, and woke up just as it touched down in Bristol. This trip exhausted me in general, and it didn’t help that we were out until almost 3am last night. I repeat though, at least I made it onto the flight…

After sleeping through the entire flight, I slept through the taxi ride home, and then got into bed and slept for most of the early evening.

Until tomorrow, now I’m off to sleep again.


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