March 20th 2018

Today I was unsuccessful in my efforts to not catch the flu from Alice. Or, to phrase that more positively (in one way or another), I successfully caught the flu from Alice. It’s annoying, because I’d been very careful.

I’ve been sleeping in the spare room for the last three nights to 1) avoid catching her flu and 2) to avoid the possibility of waking her up by doing that starfish thing I sometimes do when I’m asleep. I guess I want to spread out and get the whole bed to myself, but Alice is unsurprisingly resistant to that.


Despite my efforts, I can feel it coming. I’m feeling almost okay now, but it’s in there somewhere. My bones were aching, so playing football tonight in the first place was not a good idea, nor was it a good idea to catch a flailing elbow right in my forearm. Although, to be fair to me, the flailing elbow wasn’t my idea.

It took me a minute to realise that it hurt, because it already kind of hurt in the first place.

The thing that I’m really struggling with now is regulating my temperature. Again, not an action that is completely in my control, but I’ve done my best. Earlier my aim was to warm myself up, so I applied thermals, blankets and a hot water bottle. For a while that did the trick, but now I’m almost too warm. But I’ve always been a “too hot” rather than a “too cold” kinda guy.

So, apart from that ill-informed football excursion, I’ve done my best to fend off the flu. I’m medicated, and warm, and medicated (I repeated that on purpose, don’t worry, I’m not delirious. Yet.)

And so now my only challenge is to sleep through the night, and hope I feel better in the morning.

Until tomorrow, again, by this point that’s not really within my control.


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