March 22nd 2018

Today I found an old picture of my school friends. It was taken over six years ago, when we were all at college together, and only three weeks before we all headed off to separate universities. It makes me happy that six years later we’re still that close-knit friend group. Except we now have slightly different hair.


This ‘finding old photographs’ thing just feeds into my recent theme of ‘realising that I’m getting old’. For instance, look at this most recent photograph of us all together:

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 22.42.09.png

That’s right. It only took me six years to grow a beard.

(The photo was taken last Christmas. We don’t just still have our Christmas decorations up in March)

Nowadays, as our real life meetings become less frequent due to our individually busy schedules, we like to find opportunities like tonight to play video games together. Which, incidentally, takes a couple of years off of the age that I feel. It’s great though, because the four boys are all sat around our individual consoles, and the girls are with us on Audio Chat, and we can all talk as if we were all in the same room.

Until tomorrow, even though there’s a combined 300 miles of distance between us.




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