March 23rd 2018

Today is my Mum’s birthday. Unusually for a day like today, I haven’t actually seen her. Bless her, she’s spent most of today in the dentist’s chair, which is no way for any birthday to be spent, and I’ve spent most of today blowing my nose and coughing, which is no way for any day to be spent.

I’m sure it was a weird way for Mum to spend her birthday, but I get to see her tomorrow and hopefully that’ll make things better, and more of a celebration. Because she really deserves it.

Hopefully, I recover from my flu enough to muster up enough excitement to make tomorrow enjoyable, given that today was probably a little strange for her. Sorry if I sound dopey, I’ve been asleep for the last three hours, and I almost forgot to wake up and write this.

Until tomorrow, happy birthday Mum!



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