March 24th 2018

Today I had breakfast for dinner for the fourth day in a row. Usually, breakfast for dinner should be a special, once-in-a-while treat that involves bacon, eggs, sausages and/or pancakes, but for me over the last few days it’s been more of a “I have to eat something and I don’t feel like eating anything else so I’ll just have a bowl of cereal and/or toasted brioche with Nutella.

This cold has made me completely uninterested in food, which is a drastic personality change. This whole week neither of us has fancied cooking, and on the two occasions we did cook, neither of us finished the food.

So to save waste, and to save time, we’ve basically just been eating cereal for dinner. It’s probably not healthy, but I’m not healthy at the moment, and that’s kind of why we’re in this mess.

I did actually eat a proper lunch today, we went to the pub with my parents, and that pie and chips was the first meal of any substance I’ve eaten in a while. Other than that though, it’s been Shredded Wheat and Nutella. (not at the same time, of course, although now I think about it…)


On most of the days this week, it hasn’t even been breakfast for dinner, because it’s often been the first thing I’ve eaten all day. So it’s just, by definition, breakfast, I guess.

Hopefully my palette will return soon.

Until tomorrow, we’re out of Shredded Wheat.


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