March 25th 2018

Today I sank a game-winning putt on the eighteenth green. This was our last round before we go on a golfing holiday to Portugal next week, and I’m finishing/starting with a win.

I’m extra happy with it considering I haven’t played in over a month, but I wanted to get one last round in before the holiday. And it turned out to be a pretty good one. Between the three of us, it was a fiercely contested round right up until the last hole.

Standing at the start of the 18th hole any of us could have won, but at the end of it, all I had to do was make a six-foot putt and I’d win the round. And, surprising everyone including myself, I made the putt. Usually I’d cave under the pressure of a high-importance putt, but on this occasion it went in the hole. So that’s good.

Maybe it’s because I bought new golf shoes yesterday.

Until tomorrow, either way, it stands me in good stead for the holiday.


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