March 28th 2018

Today I packed for two different holidays over the next week. On Friday Alice and I are driving down to Swanage-by-the-beach* to spend the long Easter weekend with her family, and then I’m driving home from Swanage-by-the-beach on Monday morning, and then driving up to Gatwick airport Monday night, ready to fly out to Portgual for a golfing holiday on Tuesday morning.

*(my Grandad always calls it Swanage-by-the-beach, I don’t know why)

My turnover time between holidays is only going to be a couple of hours, so I had to pack for the second holiday before I went on the first. I’ll literally get home on Monday, swap one packed bag for another, and then head off on the second holiday.

The Easter holiday is a weekend in a bungalow – we do it every year – but the Portugal one is a three day golf break. I’m very much looking forward to both holidays, if not for slightly different reasons.

My hope for Portugal is that I won’t be out of shorts for the entire trip. I think it’s only going to be like 16 degrees, but after a weird March full of snow, that’ll feel like the desert to me. I really need some sunshine in my life. And that’s where Portugal comes in. Somehow, I don’t quite think the weather will compare in Swanage.

I’d love to spend the entire Swanage weekend in shorts too, but that’s going to be slightly unrealistic. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting to have one holiday. But getting to have two in a week is going to be awesome.

Until tomorrow, pack your sunscreen.


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