March 30th 2018

Today it’s Alice’s birthday, and we drove down to Swanage for the weekend. We come here every year with her family, it just happened that this year Good Friday happened to fall on Alice’s birthday.

For her birthday the only thing she wanted, and the only thing I really wanted to get her, was a pet kitten — but our landlord doesn’t allow pets at the property so in the end my hands were tied, and we couldn’t get a cat. (Also, no one tell my landlord about the hamster)

So, no cat. Instead I’m going to take her to a cat cafe in Bristol, which is almost the next best thing.

It’s frustrating that I couldn’t give her the one thing she wanted for her birthday, and for reasons that are out of my control as well.

Well, actually, she did ask for a tiara for her birthday, and I managed to get one of those. So I guess I delivered on one of my promises. She was THRILLED with that.

Still, the aim was to give her a special day, and I hope we did that.

Until tomorrow, happy birthday, my love.



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