April 1st 2018

Today it was both Easter Sunday and April Fool’s day. We celebrated the latter moreso than we did the former. We’re in Swanage, and we walked for *checks watch* 6.7 kilometres along the beach to get to a cafe that we’d heard about. As it turned out, we shouldn’t really have bothered, given that because “they didn’t expect it to be so busy” the cafe had run out of basically everything.

I guess they expected a sunny Easter Sunday, over the bank holiday, to be a quiet one. Right…

After eating a ham and cheese toastie (without the ham, because they’d run out) I walked all the way back down the beach. We’d bought a frisbee from the beach shop, and we lost it in the sea at least four times. At the part of the beach we were at there’s an old war bunker where Churchill, Eisenhower and the Russian guy apparently ran D-Day landing practice sessions.

It was really quite weird to consider that, 70 years previously, Churchill, Eisenhower, and the Russian guy (who’s name I really should learn) stood in the same bunker in which we stood today, seeing the same view that we did.

We also visited the cute little church nearby, which seemed like a fitting way to spend at least part of an Easter Sunday.

Later this evening, we went for a gorgeous meal at the Black Swan. For a little local pub, every single meal was spot on. My duck, particularly, was exquisite.

Until tomorrow, all in all, a very Happy Easter.


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