April 2nd 2018

Today I drove back from a holiday in Swanage, and drove to Gatwick ready for a holiday in Portugal. We were away for an Easter weekend by the beach, but I came home today, grabbed my golf clubs and drove to a hotel near Gatwick airport.

We’re literally only here for three hours, and we have a 3am taxi ready for a 6am flight tomorrow, but somehow our hotel had a chandelier in the lobby. I thought we were staying in something like a Premier Inn, but apparently we’re going more Premier… I’m told it was the cheapest option, but there’s literally a golf course outside. There’s even “risen border work” on the wallpaper in the bedroom, or so I’m told.

Its nice and all, but I’m worried it will overshadow whichever hotel we end up in tomorrow night. I’ve had absolutely no input in the booking of this golf holiday, so I’ve no idea what kind of place we’re going to end up in.

Until tomorrow, I wonder if it’ll have a chandelier as well.


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