April 4th 2018

Today I played 36 holes of golf in the Portugese sun. I’m very tired, and I’m very sunburned. Between the four of us we managed to bring a grand total of zero sun cream with us on a golfing holiday to Portugal, so we had to get a €30 taxi ride to the local Aldi to buy some.

We were basically out in the sun from 8am to 8pm today, so it was probably definitely worthwhile.

For the first six holes of the day — which now feel a very long time ago — I was struggling. I was really stiff and I could barely hit a golf ball ten yards. Usually I’d get really annoyed with that kind of form, but it’s very hard to be annoyed at anything here. I’d rather be playing bad golf here at the Oceanico than good golf at some council course back home.

What I’d really like, though, is to be playing good golf here. Thankfully, after the first six holes I managed to get somewhere right near ‘good golf’ — for a few holes here or there.

There would’ve been no use peaking too soon, so let’s just say I was pacing myself for a late burst. I came to life on the back nine and my scores, my shots, and my mood dramatically increased. My mood was also helped by the arrival of the refreshments cart on the ninth hole.

That cider was definitely one of the best I’ve had, for many, many reasons.

It’s the first time I’ve played two full 18 holes in a day, and it’s hard work but it’s so rewarding. Partly because of how stupidly beautiful it is here.

Until tomorrow, back at it again in the morning.


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