April 5th 2018

Today was our last full day of the golf holiday. We go home tomorrow, which means we have one final round to play. Today’s round was pretty good. I’m actually surprised at how quickly I’ve adapted to the difficulty of the course. In a weird way, putting on these Championship level greens is actually easier, because they’re so fast that all you have to do is tap the ball and it’ll go.

The other thing that makes these courses harder is the wind. The wind is like nothing I’ve experienced in golf before. It turns a 300 yard hole into either a 350 or a 250 yard hole depending on direction.

The courses were designed by professional golfers Faldo and O’Connor. The Faldo course is much harder, because there’s more hazards.

I’ve lost a lot of golf balls this holiday. I’ve even had to buy some more from the pro shop just in case I run out — which, for a short while yesterday morning, seemed likely.

You can tell the course is designed by a professional. There’s so much more thought required. It’s not as simple as “hit the ball as far as you can and hope it goes well”, you actually have to consider your next shot, and the one after that. It’s like the game golfing equivalent of chess.

It’s fantastic though. The whole resort is. After the round today we went to the swimming pool, and had the entire thing to ourselves. I think we’ve come really early on in the season because there’s basically nobody else here.

Until tomorrow, I’m so not ready to leave.


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