April 10th 2018

Today I went suit shopping for maybe the third time in my life. The first time I went suit shopping would’ve been for my school prom:


The second time I went suit shopping was for my University Maths graduation ball:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 23.43.29.png

And then today I went suit shopping because I’m now at the point in my adult life where I have three weddings to attend this year. My cousin is getting married next weekend and, as far as I can remember, it’s the first wedding I’ve been to for the day-part. I’ve been to evenings before, but never the day bit.

Naturally, I’m suiting up. I just need to buy a new suit first.

Even though I’ve done it twice before, I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I had to take one of the girls from work with me for moral support. My issue is that even though I’m 24, I still act quite adolescent about things like this. There’s a couple of reasons.

First, I don’t have the confidence to wear anything too ostentatious, so I usually just end up going plain, and second, I feel really pressured by shop assistants. At first I didn’t want to try on any of the suits because I’d have felt pressured by the shop assistant to buy it. I haven’t yet learnt that you are allowed to not-buy something you’ve tried on. I just don’t like the awkward “No thanks” as you hand the item back to the assistant.

Also, thirdly, because I’ve not had many opportunities in my life to do so, I don’t really know how to wear a suit. All of the ones I eventually tried on (after some persuasion and reassurance) felt like they were too big for me. I’m quite skinny with wide shoulders, so it felt like the blazer/jacket (not yet sure on the difference) swamped my torso a bit.

However, I’m told that I only felt that because I’m not used to wearing suits, and that the thing I was wearing did fit me perfectly.

I tried on two in the end. One was a little pinstriped number that I originally felt was too ostentatious for my personality, but after trying it on I actually kinda sorta quite liked it. The other was a safer, plainer suit made from a different material. Apparently, I’m told, the different materials are actually quite important, I just don’t really know why.

I’ve got so much to learn.

I was, however, quite happy with the tie. It is a bit out there, but I think I rocked the pink tie with a blue suit.

Somehow, proving that it is possible, and even though there was (completely unnoticeable) pressure from the retail assistant, I walked out without buying either suit. I did, however, reserve them so I can go back on Saturday with Alice and get her opinion.

Until tomorrow, because after all that’s all that really matters.


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