April 12th 2018

Today I started learning German again. I got a random notification on my phone from the Duolingo app telling me that they (it?) wanted me to come back and continue learning a language. So I did. I didn’t have much else on.

I started doing this once before, and I got — according to Duo — 33% fluent in German. In my hiatus, a lot of that proficiency has un-developed, and so I’m now back down to 20%.

I thought it would be beneficial, considering a German company owns the company for whom I work, to learn the language. I actually had a three hour Skype call with a group of Germans today, and if we had to converse in German, rather than English, then the call would have been far less productive.

So I’m back at it, and trying to re-learn the German I lost, and then learn the rest.

I don’t know how far I’ll get with it this time, but I’m hoping to at least beat 33%.

Until tomorrow, er sieht, dass du ein Buch hast.


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