April 13th 2018

Today was surprisingly productive for a Friday night. I came home from work feeling particularly motivated to make the most of my evening alone so, in completely uncharacteristic fashion, I tidied the whole house.

I wanted to sit down and do some editing (of both novel and video), but to do that I’d decided that I wanted to have a nice tidy office space. I think for once I wasn’t just tidying to procrastinate the work, I was kind of tidying to inspire it. There’s probably a book out there somewhere that says a tidy workspace will lead to more productive work, or something.

Anyway, in tidying my office I had to put the things Ifound in the office back into their rightful places within the house. That meant going into basically all of the other rooms in the house, so I tidied them too. Again, this is completely uncharacteristic, which is why it’s noteworthy.

When I was satisfied that I had a tidy space and a tidy mind, I got to work. I wanted to try out this new, free video editing software that I’d read about — it’s called ‘DaVince Resolve’. So I did. I created a video out of footage I recorded the last time we had a snow day (which, to be fair, was like three weeks ago). 

I finished the video. Usually it takes me like six weeks to make one of those. But this one only took a couple of hours. I’m still not great at it, but I’m getting better. I can edit, I’m just not great at the filming bit in the first place.

In between clips importing and rendering and exporting, I edited my novel. I know, I know I keep talking about doing that and it’s still not done, and yes, I also know that I’m an absolute shambles of a man. It is almost done though. I have sixty pages left to copy-edit. I did kinda want to finish it off before I go to bed tonight, but it’s like an hour’s work and it’s already 1:30am, so maybe I should just wait until tomorrow. It basically already is tomorrow anyway.

I’m just worried that I’ll wake up in the morning and this spontaneous focus will have disappeared.

Until tomorrow, let’s hope not.



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