April 16th 2018

Today issue 11 of my online magazine is almost finished. I like this edition for a few reasons. I feel like this issue gives the writers a chance to tell more personal stories. I’d always encourage the writers to input elements of their personality into the pieces that they contribute to the magazine, but in this edition I think there’s much more opportunity to do so.

There’s also, I think, the opportunity in this particular version to write about more empowering and important issues than we traditionally have. And that’s great. I really like that I can give people a platform upon which to share their unfiltered expressions in a creative way. That was kind of the point of starting the magazine: to let young writers write about things without needing to conform to someone else’s political agenda.

So, I feel like we’re putting out some really good work at the moment.

Until tomorrow, the new magazine will be up on in a few days.



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