April 17th 2018

Today I had to choose between a good haircut with a chatty barber or a bad haircut with a quiet barber. Now, depending on your personality, you’ll either see that as a win-win or a lose-lose. For me the first one is a win-lose and the second one is a lose-win. So both about net par for me.

Of course choosing the chatty but qualified barber is smart choice but it depends whether you not value your appearance over the avoidance of possibly awkward social interactions. Personally, I don’t, but I should also remember what happened the last time I went to a cheap, quiet and probably inept barber:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 23.44.59.png

I literally bled.

Having weighed up my options — and I can’t possibly underdescribe just how much I hate small talk with strangers — I picked smalltalk with strangers. I’m going to a wedding on Saturday and I have to look nice.

So, I walked up into town to the special barbers/hairdressers that I went to last time, got a fantastic cut but also confessed a load of my worries and insecurities to my hairdresser. She had a weird way of getting me talking. It was odd.

Anyway, that hairdressers was closed so I came back down the street and went to the bad, quiet one. To make it worse, when I walked in there the shop owner and main-barber wasn’t available, so I had to settle for the apprentice.

I was a bit worried about what was going to happen to my hair, until the shop-dog came out of the backroom and led at my feet.


After that I was somehow okay. If I’d gone to the posh, chatty one they definitely wouldn’t have had a dog.

Until tomorrow, everything worked out perfectly.



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