April 18th 2018

Today was the start of my favourite time of year. A magical, special part of the traditional Gregorian calendar that I like to call ‘Halloumi Season’.


That’s right. For the first time this year I got experience my most simple of pleasures: eating dinner in the garden. Eating dinner in the garden is so much better than eating dinner in the house. It’s like the outdoors makes the food taste better. Though that might just be the halloumi. If you’re eating in the garden, the chances are there’s going to be some halloumi on your plate. And if there isn’t then you’re doing something very wrong.


It doesn’t even matter what you’re cooking, just have some fried halloumi on the side and it will taste like summer.

We were having fajitas and I still put a bit of halloumi on the side. Greek and Mexican in the same wrap? It shouldn’t work. That’s literally intercontinental. But it does.

(Yes, I put potato wedges inside my fajitas. No, I don’t think it’s weird)

It was probably only like twelve degrees outside this evening, but it was sunny, and in my head it felt warm, so we ate dinner outside for the first time this year. I even cleaned and de-weeded the garden for the occasion, so you can tell I must have been keen.

Seriously, I live for this. I genuinely think it’s that Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder that you read about on UberFacts. The sun coming out just completely changes my outlook on life. It’s definitely either the sun or the halloumi.

If you’ve been around this blog for a while you might remember last summer when I wrote five separate blog posts about halloumi in the space of one week.

Now, although I absolutely love it, the obsession is not really with the cheese, but what the cheese represents: summer, sun, outdoors, barbecues.

There are some mentalists who think Winter is the best season because of Christmas and snow and all of that bollocks. But not me. The real, undisputed best season is Halloumi Season. And the best part about it is that, weather permitting, it runs from April to September — but it’s more of a mindset than a time period.

Reading it back, this blog post sounds a bit exaggerative, but if anything I think I’m dialling it back a bit.

Until tomorrow, happy halloumi.


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