April 22nd 2018

Today was my Grandad’s surprise 80th birthday party. Now, if you’re a keen-eyed and regular reader of this blog you might ask “Didn’t you have an 80th birthday party for you Grandad last week?” And the answer to that is of course yes. So now you might assume that it’s just coincidence that my other Grandad has turned 80 a week after the first Grandad. And that’s a fair assumption, it’s just totally wrong.

We just had two parties for the same Grandad. Because if you can’t celebrate your 80th birthday twice then which birthday can you celebrate twice, eh?

It’s ironic to say that today of all days, because today is actually the Queen’s birthday, and she famously celebrates two birthdays every year. Although she is perhaps in some circles slightly more important than my Grandad, and she is also slightly (significantly) older than my Grandad.

And so, we gave my Grandad a surprise birthday worthy of a Queen. Although to call it a surprise party is a bit false in two ways, because 1) everything comes as a surprise to a man who has Alzheimer’s and 2) we didn’t actually jump out from behind sofas to surprise him because, as previously mentioned, he’s eighty years old.

Instead we had a nice, civilised tea party with an absolute boatload of sandwiches. (I censored myself with ‘boatload’ there because anything else seemed inappropriate given the context)

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 23.22.00.png

(I forgot to take a worthwhile picture, and this screenshot from a SnapChat video doesn’t really do the spread justice)

It was a feast of which Henry VIII would’ve been proud. (I don’t know why I’m making so many regal references today.)

Of course, you can put as many different types of sandwiches on a table as you like, but all my Grandad — and his sweet tooth — is ever going to be interested in is the cake.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-22 at 22.20.19.jpeg

Until tomorrow, happy (again) birthday old man.


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