April 23rd 2018

Today I uploaded issue 11 of my digital magazine. April’s issue is about Female Heroes:

As well as being the suffrage centenary, March was International Women’s Month. In support and celebration of that, March’s issue of Feed Magazine was going to be about ‘Female Heroes’ but, as scheduling dictated, this turned out to be April’s issue instead.
No matter, because you shouldn’t need an awareness month or a circle on a calendar to appreciate the incredible things that women have contributed to the world, and this month’s issue highlights some of those things.
We share the brave and determined stories of Kristin Hallenga and her charity Coppafeel (page 6) as well as Shakira’s philanthropic ventures in South America (page 10). On a more personal note the Feed writers share stories of female heroes within their own families (pages 8 & 18).
In the features on the fictitious there’s a celebration of Sigourney Weaver’s, in many ways, futuristic leading role (page 14) and a review of Naomi Alderman’s empowering new novel (page 22).
Current-issue (3)
You can read the latest issue of Feed Magazine at www.feedthemag.com or at www.issuu.com/feedthemag
Until tomorrow, who’s your hero?

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