April 24th 2018

Today Alice booked our summer holiday, and hasn’t told me where we’re going. I say ‘Alice booked it’ because I’ve intentionally had nothing to do with the process. And that’s for a few reasons: 1) I get stressed out looking over all of the different options and trying to choose between places which are fundamentally the same, and 2) I trust Alice to get it right completely. And also 3) it’s going to be a nice surprise to just show up at the airport on the day and find out where we’re flying to.

I literally just said to her “I know that you know what I like, and I know how good you are at finding a bargain” and she went off and found it. I’m hoping it wasn’t too stressful for her doing it by herself, but I know that usually I’d just be getting in the way if I offered my help with that kind of thing anyway.

My holiday preferences are simple: I effectively just require it to be sunny, and for there to be something in which I can snorkel. And that doesn’t even have to be the sea. I could easily snorkel in a river.

So Alice has booked a surprise holiday for us. All I know about it is for how long we’re going, and roughly how much it’s going to cost. Other than that I’m clueless. I could probably guess at a few destinations based on things she’s said and things that we like, but I wouldn’t like to guess.

I quite like the thought of showing up at the airport in September and saying “right, where are we going then?”

It’s mysterious and spontaneous and secretive.

Until tomorrow, all I need to pack is swim shorts and a snorkel.




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