April 26th 2018

Today is my Dad’s birthday, so we all went round Mum and Dad’s house for a barbecue. As is my wont, I was the guy holding the tongs.

I was stood alone in the garden as the temperature began to drop, continually and habitually flipping the smoked meat, and Mum kept coming out to check I was alright. Of course I was okay. I was stood alone in the garden continually flipping smoked meat. That’s like my dictionary definition of ‘okay’.



The need to feed must be a trait I get from my mother. Except unlike hers, mine only comes out when there’s a BBQ involved. She’s always so concentrated on making food for everyone else that she’s never actually hungry by the time the food is served. I only had one plate of barbecued meat, and that’s very unlike me.


I think I just like being able to give back in some way. Being the youngest, I’ve always been babied by Mum and sisters, so the simple “man make fire, man make food” act is my way of giving back to a family who have done so much for me. Or something?


Either that or I just really like eating barbecued meat. Actually, come to think of it, it’s probably the meat thing, yeah.


Happy Birthday Dad.

Until tomorrow, I hope we made it special.



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