April 27th 2018

Today was the first Rock and Roll bingo event of the year. For those uninitiated few, rock and roll bingo is an event that takes place on the last Friday of the month. It’s like bingo, but with songs instead of numbers.

It’s basically a piss up. It’s just lots and lots of drinking. Although maybe tonight there was a bit less drinking than there would usually be. (Mum and Dad came to this one, so we were all on our best behaviour, of course).

Although it’s a monthly thing, It’s been a while since we’ve been. The landlords (Dan & Tracey — for what it’s worth, ‘Tracey’ might be the most typical landlord name I’ve ever heard) kept telling us that we were at the country’s biggest rock and roll bingo night.

To be honest, Trace, I don’t know how to take that, because I’m sure you wouldn’t lie to me, but I also don’t believe it. Tracey is a great landlord, though. My Dad kind of misunderstood the object of the bingo-cards so neglected to bring his reading glasses with him. So Tracey let dad borrow her glasses. As you can imagine, it was a wild night after that.

We didn’t win anything, again. The top prize was £260 if you got a full house. We were told that that was the biggest prize money they’d ever given out, so if we were to believe that and that they’re the biggest one in the country, then that might have been the biggest prize in the competition’s history. We got nowhere near it.

Well, we got one song away from a full house. But second is effectively last.

Until tomorrow, until next time…


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