April 28th 2018

Today we went for a walk among the bluebells. There’s a forest on the other side of Marlborough where bluebells grow for a very short period in mid-late spring, and It’s a beautiful walk if you can catch them at the right time.

It’s something that we like to try to do once a year but very rarely execute. In fact, I think we’ve done it twice in the ten years we’ve been together. So that’s almost every year, right?


It’s a nice place to just exist, in a contemplative state. To speak truths amongst the beauty. To let it bloom. To reassess what has happened since the last time the bluebells blossomed.

What I’m saying, in a roundabout way, is that it was a nice place to walk, to think , and to take some pretty photos. Or something.


Until tomorrow, it was worth the journey.



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