April 29th 2018

Today we played golf amongst the bluebells. Do you remember yesterday when I said that thing about how bluebells only come out in this one location near us at a certain time of year, so we pilgrimaged all the way there to find them? Well it turns out that’s bollocks and they just popped up at the golf course as well.

It turns out botany is not one of the skills at which I am adept. Who would’ve thunk it? My Dad played golf with us today, and as soon as he saw the bluebells he wanted to take a picture of them to show to my Mum. My Dad has always been the coolest man in the world to me, but the bird watching and flower spotting habits he’s developed in his fifties are not traits I once thought I would inherit. But, here I am, writing back-to-back blog posts about bluebells.


Until tomorrow, I’ve really spent too much time in the countryside.


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