April 30th 2018

Today I’m beginning to really regret being in a car accident. It’s been over a month since somebody drove into the back of me at a junction, and I’m still no closer to having the damage to my car fixed.

I had to work from home today so a man from AutoGlass could come out and repair the Hyundai-shaped hole in my Fiesta’s boot. Except, when the man from AutoGlass inspected it, he decided that the damage was too extensive for him to fix with the mobile-workstation he’d set up on my driveway. Instead, he said the insurance company would have to arrange for the repairs to be done at a third party bodyshop, because AutoGlass only do on-site repairs.


So now, I have to take my car to a garage an hour away from where I work for it to be inspected again — not even for the damage to be fixed, just for it to be inspected. That’s three different times I’ve had to arrange for the damage to be inspected. And every time I speak to a new garage they ask me to describe the damage in the same way every time. It would make too much sense for the previous garage to just pass on the information, I suppose.

It’s almost like they don’t want to fix my car, but I really wish they would. I’ve still not even been given a date for when it can be fixed. When I take it to the garage tomorrow they could easily just turn around and say “Okay we’ll schedule the repairs for the end of May.”

Like I said, I’m beginning to regret ever getting in a car accident. It’s just been such a hassle. I thought I paid money every month to my insurance company so that, in the event I ever got in an accident, they would — you know — help me out in some way.

But I’ve had to chase it up so many times that I’m not sure they’re really doing much for me.

Until tomorrow, it’s just all such a fucking hassle.



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