May 2nd 2018

Today my new computer monitor was delivered. I decided that I wanted to upgrade my home office setup, so I bought a 22″ Samsung (something) monitor from Amazon. I must say… I love it a lot. This sounds like an excuse, but only having a laptop to work off at home has really limited my capability for working on the various personal projects into which I throw myself.

At work I have three huge monitors so my workflow usually involves having about a dozen different documents/windows open over three different screens and dragging them all over the shop in some kind of order that only seems logical to me.

I’ll have one screen for the research, one screen for the active work, and one screen for emails/Spotify. The order in which things get moved from screen to screen is possibly random, but there might be some reason or logic in there somewhere. Maybe.

Anyway, getting used to working on a three-screen Windows workstation meant that doing intensive pieces of work, like editing video or producing a magazine, at my home office with one 15″Macbook Pro screen is frustrating. So I upgraded.

Here is a four-part visualisation:

Of course I set my PlayStation up.

I was too excited to get it all set up and working that I haven’t yet taken the time to figure out how I can continue having a completely wire-free desk. I think I might even need to get a drill out. But that would first involve buying a drill… so maybe not.

Look how big it is!


Is it slightly too meta to take a photo of the monitor, and for the monitor to be showing the blog post that I’m writing about my new monitor? Maybe.

Now I have absolutely no excuse but to spend every moment I’m not at my job-office doing work-work in my home-office doing home-work.

Until tomorrow, no excuse at all.



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