May 3rd 2018

Today I had a different type of sprint-training session than my usual Thursday afternoon trip to the athletics track. (Considering I’ve only actually been to the track four times this year, I’m kinda playing it fast and loose with the word “usual”)

One of the guys at work is now a qualified running instructor so he’s started running these bootcamp sessions every couple of weeks where runners of all abilities can come along and learn to improve their form, cadence, breathing, etc. And it’s all in the vain of improving your overall running ability, and your 5k time. And that’s kind of my MO for running this year: improving my 5k time.

Unfortunately, the only kind of training I’ve done this year is the aforementioned four track sessions and two attempts at a 5k race where I ended with vastly different times. I’ve lost all level of consistency that I had last year. So these bootcamp type sessions will give me a good opportunity to start back up again from the bottom, because that’s where I am at the moment.

It was an enjoyable session because, as well as being productive towards my running goal, I got to do quite a lot of the only part of running that I actually enjoy: sprinting as fast as you fucking can. I don’t know if that’s an effective part of a 5k training regime, but it’s certainly fun.

I keep telling myself that I’ll get back into the habit of running soon, but the only thing I feel like doing is sprinting. Because that combines 1) hard work and 2) lots of pain. As well as 3) it’s over really quickly. The entire session today was only 1.8km in total, but it felt like far more.

So I’ll continue to run solely speedwork sessions, because nothing else interests me at the moment.

Until tomorrow, run, run, as fast as you can.,,


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