May 5th 2018

Today was a perfect day for a round of bank holiday weekend golf. So that’s exactly what we went and did: we went and played a round of bank holiday weekend golf. We wanted to spread out figurative wings a bit and play at a course we’d never played at before, so ended up an hour and a half away from home at Bowood — one of the poshest and most difficult courses in the county.

My cousin had found a discount voucher so we managed to get what should have been a £70 round (each) for £23 each. Bargain. What was great about playing Bowood, when compared to our home course, was that you could tell that each of the holes had been meticulously architected by someone who knew what they were doing. Our home course often feels like someone just stumbled on a field and put a couple of flags up. So Bowood was a real challenge.

It was also baking hot out today — it must have been 25 degrees — so that in itself was challenging. But golf was invented for days like today.

Playing a brand new course blind — by which I mean with no knowledge of the strategy with which you should play each hole — inevitably leads to a sub-par performance. Or, more accurately in this case a 26-over-par performance (Mum, that’s a golf-related pun. If you don’t get it, ask Dad to explain it to you), but it’s always fun nonetheless.

I feel like I personally know each blade of grass on our home course because we’ve played it so many times. I pop into visit the nearside bunker on the third green every time I play there, just to see how it’s getting along, and I always, without fail, push my drive too far right on the sixth tee. I feel like I just play the exact same round every week at our home course. Not getting any worse, but getting any better either.

So it was nice to go and challenge ourselves today. And, as well as being difficult, it’s a really beautiful course.


Until tomorrow, it’s just a shame it’s ordinarily so damn expensive.



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