May 7th 2018

Today I capped off a brilliantly boozy bank holiday weekend with a nice calm game of Jenga. I’ve pretty much been drunk for four days, so today we instead elected to sit in a beer garden drinking coffee and playing Jenga. Much more civilised.


It’s been a particularly good bank holiday weekend. We’ve eaten a lot of good food and drank a lot of alcohol whilst sat outside in the 26 degree heat. It doesn’t come much better than that.


That being said, I am absolutely terrified of checking my bank account in the morning because, unfortunately, this weekend won’t have come cheap.

Although we’re supposed to be saving for a house and a holiday, I’ve never been one to say no to things. It just so happens that this weekend there have been four different things that I’ve said yes to.

I’d say that things will quiet down a bit now, but I’m off to Reading next weekend to do basically the same thing. So today we showed a bit of restraint by just sitting on the roof terrace with various different board games.


And we only bought lunch out instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Until tomorrow, that’s certainly progress.


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