May 10th 2018

Today I explored Frankfurt as best I could in two hours. My train from Karlsruhe got into Frankfurt at midday, and my flight home wasn’t until 17:00 so, instead of just sitting at the airport for five hours, I decided to kill the time and see as much of Frankfurt as possible. So I left the train station on my exploration mission.


I knew that one issue I would face was that it’s a Bank Holiday in Germany today, so basically everything was going to be closed. With that in mind I headed to the river, because you can’t close down a river. In fact, today the opposite was true. There seemed to be some sort of Bank Holiday fete going on. (I’d imagine the German word for the event is not ‘fete’). There was live music, fairground rides, canoeing competitions and — as you might expect — lots, and lots of meat.

I wandered around there for a bit, bought a coffee from a shop on the back of a bicycle (really), and then went to see what the rest of the river had to offer.

I decided that I like Frankfurt. It has the two things that I look for in a city: 1) massive buildings and 2) water. The first thing I do whenever I visit somewhere new is head to the water. Whether that’s a lake, a river, or the sea. I just like going to the water, and there’s something about juxtaposition of water against an industrial skyline. IMG_3551

Without sounding too much like an aura-spouting hippie, Frankfurt has a really great energy. It’s a huge city, but doesn’t feel too busy like London sometimes does. But maybe that’s just because I went on a Bank Holiday.

After the carnival/fete thing I scouted out the blocks of flats on a sort of island/peninsula in the middle of the river. That’s where I’d live, given the chance. (ignoring the fact that the flats were £6,000 per month — not including boats)

That was the poshest area I found: towards the river and south of the train station. I also walked north of the station a bit later on, but that was nowhere near as nice.

In the end, considering I only had a couple of hours to kill, I was quite lucky with what I stumbled upon.

Until tomorrow, I’ll be back again properly one day.


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