May 11th 2018

Today I had a quiet day before another busy weekend. It seems like every weekend I have at the moment is busy — and expensive. And it also seems like every weekday I have at the moment is busy — and expensive.

Tomorrow I’m off to Reading for a weekend with friends, so today I said no to A) buying breakfast and B) buying lunch. Usually on Fridays we have either a breakfast bap or some sort of lunch party. (sometimes both) But today I turned both down and had Shredded Wheat for breakfast and leftover pasta for lunch. Because I’m a good boy and I’m trying to save to buy a house, or something.

I said to myself like three months ago that I was going to start spending less money on food because I’m supposed to be saving to buy a house, but I’ve never really given my whole heart’s worth of commitment to that — as you may be able to infer by my previous “I’m going to Reading tomorrow” statement.

I’ve never been able to say no, and I still can’t. We should try and refrain from extraneous spending, but we can’t.

To back that up, and to completely contradict I said before… we had steak for dinner.


Until tomorrow, I know that doesn’t really make much sense, but it’s not supposed to.


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