May 12th 2018

Today I ended the night in a casino at 4am. Spoiler alert: I left the building with less money in my wallet than I had when I entered it.

We’ve travelled to Reading to visit our friends for the weekend. The early to late evening was spent in Walkabout, paying £5 for alcopops, and the early morning was spent in a casino paying £5 minimum bet on Evens.

At one point I was actually up, but at another point I was down. And then there were bits where I was neither up nor down.

We started off on the electronic roulette machines, but decided we wanted to live the lifestyle and go to the big table with the actual dealer man. I think he knew that we didn’t know what we were doing. It was quite obvious.

Between us we managed to make the chips from our ten pound buy-ins last about an hour before losing it all.

To be fair, I was okay with spending a tenner on an hour’s worth of entertainment.

Until tomorrow, it’s cheaper than the cinema, I guess.


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