May 13th 2018

Today I am hungover and full of carbs after a heavy, dirty, carby weekend in Reading with my oldest friends. In the last two days I’ve eaten a Starbucks breakfast, a McDonald’s lunch, Dominos Pizza for dinner, Dominos Pizza for breakfast, and Wetherspoons for lunch. Wash that down with a crate of Strongbow and I don’t feel so good.

Unfortunately, a consequence of my decision to spend less money on food has resulted in me spending money on less-good food. So this weekend, instead of spending £20 on a healthy and fulfilling lunch, I went to McDonald’s for a £1.99 quarter pounder meal because we had some vouchers pushed through the letterbox. Junk mail for junk food.

Now that we’re back home all I want is broccoli.

I have a fortunate metabolism which means that none of the food I’ve eaten in the past 48 hours will have any affect on my weight or body shape, but I would not like to imagine what it’s done to my arteries. I hate myself for it every time I have a weekend like this, but you know… a man’s gotta eat.

Until tomorrow, I need broccoli and a run.


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