May 14th 2018

Today I rolled my ankle during a 5k race. I somehow managed to fall through a cattle grid, trip up and go over on my ankle.

It hurt at the time, but I was able to walk it off and finish the race without too much difficulty. I did come dead last in the race, though.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 00.39.19.png

See that massive dip in pace? That’s where I fucked my ankle. I have been feeling twinges so I am slightly worried that I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and my ankle will be swollen. That’ll put me out of running for another few weeks, I’m sure.

Annoyingly, I was actually doing quite well until the ankle roll. I was on for a time much faster than I’d aimed for, and I was feeling okay. I really needed to get out for a run today after a weekend of filthy food, so I was doubly annoyed when I keeled over holding my ankle after 3km.

Until tomorrow, another excuse not to run is the last thing I need.


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