May 15th 2018

Today I went on a diet that lasted for half an hour. After having the kind of weekend that culminated in eating leftover Dominos Pizza for breakfast after drunken, 4am trip to the casino I decided that I needed to have a bit of a food cleanse this week. I’d grown fed up of the fatty, fast food that sustained my weekend, and began to crave vegetables and goodness.

With that in mind, I prepared a lunch for today that looked like this:


Quinoa, watercress, spinach, rocket and chicken sausages. Clean, pure, and full of goodness.

It was… completely edible. I added a dollop of sweet chilli sauce which, despite improving the taste, probably took away a lot of the healthy goodness. It wasn’t too bad. I was almost full up, but most importantly I felt good about myself. I’d basically eaten a salad for lunch.

Then, at 1:30, I had to go and spend the afternoon in a presentation at work. It turned out that, to keep attendees interested, the company ordered a dozen Dominos Pizzas to be shared around.

I protested and resisted for all of thirty seconds.


I couldn’t help it. There was food there, and I was still hungry. Although, I wasn’t hungry until I’d seen that the food was there. I told myself “don’t do it, don’t do it”. But I did it anyway. I think I had six slices in total.

But, to be fair, I was only eating Margherita because I didn’t want any of the other crappy stuff. (Like vegetables, I guess)

So my diet was very short lived. It wasn’t even a diet, so much as a spontaneous desire to eat some green stuff for once in my life.

Until tomorrow, and it ended in pizza.


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