May 16th 2018

Today I turned my hamster into a tortoise, and that’s about the most exciting thing that happened all day.


It’s getting to the point now where each day just seems like a repeat of the last, and that’s really frustrating. There’s definitely stuff I can do to change it, I just kind of can’t be arsed. So I’m just kind of coasting. And I don’t like to coast. My days are the same, my nights are the same. And repeat.

I’m excited about going to Berlin next week, but other than that I’m just in a bit of a rut. I’m not eating well because I can’t be arsed to make anything proper for my lunches, I’ve habitually fucked up my sleeping pattern (as evidenced by the fact that it’s now almost 2:30am), and I no longer get enjoyment from running.

Either something’s changed, or something needs to change. Or maybe both.

Until tomorrow, for now, Lola has changed into a tortoise.


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