May 17th 2018

Today somebody finally took my car away from me. At the end of March I was in a car accident that wasn’t my fault and now, almost two months later, my car has been picked up to have the damage repaired.

Well, it wasn’t “picked up”, so to speak. In the end, because the tow truck couldn’t get into my little cul de sac he pulled over somewhere and told me to drive to him. Annoyingly, the place he’d pulled over was a ten minute drive from my house. So I had to drive out to him, give him the car, and then walk home.


IMG_3632 2.jpg

Hardly ideal, but I’m just glad to be rid of it. Now they can take it away for as long as they like and give it back when they’ve finished fixing it.

Until then, I have a courtesy car. That was a bloody hassle as well. The driver had to come get me from my house, to drive me back to the car hire HQ, for me to drive the car back to my house.

I tell you what, this whole “getting in a car accident” thing has been an absolute ballache.

Until tomorrow, I would not recommend it.


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