May 18th 2018

Today… today… I don’t know. Not much really. There’s not much to say. Nothing that wouldn’t be a repeat of previous things that I’ve said. That’s the problem with doing *does maths* one thousand two hundred and thirty four of these blog posts on one thousand two hundred and thirty four consecutive days… you run out of things to say because there’s not much left that you’ve not said before.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 00.57.26



Each one of those blog posts has been titled with one single unique word that I think best describes the day I’m writing about. For just a minute there I was worried that I was going to soon run out of words to have as the title but, apparently, there are over 170,000 different words in the English language. So as long as I don’t live to be four-hundred and sixty five years old then I should hopefully never run out of titular words.

It’s a happy coincidence that this filler, self-referential blog post happened to fall on day 1234 in a row. It’s a nice number, so it gives me at least a few extra paragraphs to fill out this content with. Originally all of the daily blog posts had to be over 500 words. Now I’m lucky if I get 200.

I’m sure you can tell that I’m not presently enthused with the sometimes-chore that is writing these daily blog posts, even if I have done 1234 days in a row. In fact, the streak is basically the only reason I continue with them. I can’t miss a day, because if I do then the streak is over and there will be no reason to continue.

Until tomorrow, so I guess I may as well continue.


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