May 19th 2018

Today I dozed around all day until it was an acceptable time to begin barbecuing. For weeks now we’ve been looking forward to having a weekend where we can plan to do nothing, and that’s what this weekend has turned into.

So, even though it was 20-odd degrees outside all day we made a concerted effort to do absolutely nothing but stay inside and marathon Netflix all day. That may sound like a waste, but we’ve had so many busy and expensive weekends recently that we really, really needed one were we assigned ourselves the opportunity to do nothing. Because sometimes that’s completely necessary.

Of course, in the end we got bored of doing nothing. It’s amazing how many naps you need to take to get yourself through a day of doing nothing. By mid-afternoon we were getting restless and itched to go outside, so we (or just I) counted down the hours until it would be acceptable to have a BBQ in the back garden.

It was worth the wait.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-19 at 20.17.47.jpeg


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-19 at 20.17.55.jpeg

We tried to do it as healthy as we could, with orzo, falafel and mixed leaves, but it still kept the ostensible essence of a barbecue. There was, of course, lots of halloumi to go with/before/after it.

With all the expensive fun we’ve been having at weekends recently, it’s sometimes nice to just have a day of relaxation. To catch up on some housework, and to catch up on some Netflix. But if the weather’s nice then it would criminal not to have a barbecue.

Until tomorrow, and so we did.


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