May 20th 2018

Today I took a bit of time to appreciate the place in which we live. With a full time job and usually busy weekends, it’s rare that we actually get to walk around and explore our town, but today we had the chance to. We’ve tried to have a quiet weekend spent primarily inside, but today the weather was too nice to avoid going out. So we walked into town, grabbed an iced coffee and took it to the park behind the church.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-20 at 22.18.16 (1)

And then for two hours we just sat on a park bench chatting. It was a simplistic but very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We just sat there chatting, and playing a game that we usually like to reserve for long car rides: The Question Game.

In the question game Alice and I each take a turn asking the other any kind of question, from “What would your superpower be?” to “Which one person dead or alive would you want to have dinner with?” and so on. It’s a great way of finding out more about Alice than I already know.

No phones. No distractions. Just open air and open questions.

It was great. We could watch the people and their dogs and the swans on the river and the kid chasing after his boomerang. I kind of wished our friends could’ve been there for a kickabout (Happy Birthday, Aaron) but that can come another time.

Until tomorrow, sometimes it’s right on your doorstep.


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