May 27th 2018

Today I cooked a barbecue in a thunderstorm. Or, more accurately, what was the beginning of a thunderstorm. Or, more honestly, in a bit of rain that precluded one visible lightning strike. Still though, the food could have gotten wet. Or something.

Despite the weather, I tried to put a bit more effort and attention into today’s barbecue because I had a bit more time. After marinating (it’s late, so you’ll forgive me for misspelling at my first attempt) the chicken I put it in the fridge to soak through for an hour or so instead of just chucking it straight on the barbecue.

That previously undiscovered (by me, at least) method of ‘patience’ seemed to pay off, because the food was bloomin’ marvellous.



That ‘taking time over things’ trick is one that I should really adapt into the non-barbecuing parts of my life as well. It’s sometimes good to just slow down, and appreciate things a bit more.

I should have had more patience and let the chicken marinate (that word doesn’t look right either) for longer, but I’m not a saint, and a man’s got to eat some time.

I also marinated the halloumi with honey and paprika.

Until tomorrow, that was also a great idea.


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