May 29th 2018

Today I forgot to cook dinner again. I have a habit of doing that when Alice isn’t here. I came home from a reasonably long day at work and just wanted to lie down for a bit. I read a bit of a book, went on my computer, played a couple of games, and the next thing I knew it was nine o’clock and Alice had come home.

“What did you have for dinner?” she asked me.

“Oh, right…” I said. “I forgot to eat.”

Considering I’m basically always hungry it’s quite surprising that I can still forget to eat dinner. To make sure I didn’t got to bed hungry, I went downstairs and made a 10pm cheese sandwich. Nutritious.


Brown bread, of course. I’m not that much of a monster. Although, I did spread mayonnaise all over it because we were out of butter.

I like food. I really like eating food. I quite like eating good food. But most of the time I just eat for sustenance — because I need to be full.

Until tomorrow, and sometimes I just forget entirely.


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