June 1st 2018

Today I’m on a pub golf pub crawl. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the rules are.

I’ve broken a couple of the rules a few times. And that ended in me in me drinking a glass of red wine. It seems that a lot of the rules end in me drinking a glass of red wine.

We’ve been to six pubs. And in each different pub there was a different challenge. I was not particularly good at the challenges, so ended up with lots and lots of forfeits. Which is not a particularly good way of winning the game. I could do the sambuca, and I could easily double up on pints. But I really struggled with the red wine. That’s just not my thing. Red red wine.

You also weren’t allowed to be the last one to finish their drink. And I don’t think I was ever caught short by that.

But I was caught short by this weird rule….

We had to nominate a drink that we would stick to all night. One that we’d drink in every pub. Unless they didn’t have the drink in that pub, in which case we’d have to do a forfeit.

I chose Thatchers cider. And it turns out there’s not a single thatchers coder in London.

So in each pub I had to have a drink of my choice, plus an extension drink.

Until tomorrow, it was far too heavy for me.


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